Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Goodbye WordPress!

As I promised I have moved from WordPress to Blogger since many of you seem to have had problems linking to my blog.
Although most of you already know me, here is an overview for those who don't.
Beginning at the age of eight until just a couple of years ago I suffered from bulimia. At the time, I was unaware of the risks of purging so it became a daily habit, and sometimes even a 'hobby'. This occurance stopped my freshman year of high school after my doctor (a very close friend of my mom's) said that if I didn't stop purging immediately I would have a high risk of Cardiac arrhythmia, which in most cases results in cardiac arrest. So I did. I gained a fear of throwing up that I still have today and will (hopefully) have for the rest of my life.
I maintained my weight of 110 pounds (at 5'0) for about two months and slowly fell into anorexia. I restricted until I was eating a minimum of 100 calories a day which led to losing 5 or more pounds a week.
In July 2008, I was forced to go to Renfrew (an eating disorders center) in my hometown. I quickly gained back up to 120. But within only a few weeks of being home I relapsed, 'starving' myself to 100 pounds (which im at now).
I don't plan to recover anytime soon ( if ever ). I love the feel of my bones and the high of not eating. I want ever last bit of fat off of me, and I will succeed (: